A Modern UCC Search Engine

A modern platform to search, analyze, and monitor borrowers and lenders. Reduce risk and identify new opportunities and trends in your portfolio.


Better software for better decisions 

We take pride in providing valuable features for our customers to help make their teams more effective. Springstreet's software is feature-rich to address the common needs of the industry.

Powerful Search

Our powerful search platform allows users to apply advance filters and search criteria to identify all lien stakeholders.

Actionable Analytics

Springstreet's analytic reports extract valuable information about a lender or borrower's portfolio. Identify important stakeholders and evaluate risk.

Robust Monitoring

Upload your own portfolio and identify updates on any recent changes. Address any potential issues which may jeopardize your lien rights.

Customer Service

All users of Springstreet receive full access to our support team to address any questions or concerns you may have. We will always go the extra mile for your business.

Lien Trends

See how many liens a borrower or lender had originated over a given time period. Track increases and decreases in new lien activity.

Secured Party Analysis

Springstreet's reports will identify and classify the top Secured Parties and their lien priority. Receive better insight into a portfolio instantly.

Debtor Analysis

Run a report on Debtor data to discover potential lien issues or uncover opportunities in a Secured Party's portfolio.

Detailed Lien History

Dive deep into a lien's history. Discover important details about liens being amended, reassigned, etc. for better visibility and assessment.


Leveraging UCC Search, Analytics, and Monitoring

Dive deep into the analytics of UCC lien data and improve your Underwriting capabilities. Learn about advance search techniques to uncover commonly overlooked UCC information. Analyze and observe market trends and make better business decisions.


How Springstreet can make your teams more effective

  • Underwriting & Credit Teams

  • Sales & Marketing Teams

  • Legal & Admin Teams

More accurate Search and Monitoring features for better decisioning

Underwriting & Credit teams use Springstreet to evaluate and qualify worthy borrowers. With Springstreet, teams are able to better evaluate risk with Springstreet's UCC Analytics. Additional analytics enable teams to understand the lien history of a borrower to help make better decisions.

Reseach the competition and get high-quality Lead data

Springstreet's platform allows for advanced searches on Secured Parties. Sales and Marketing teams can use Springstreet's advanced search parameters to monitor customer needs & identify new target customers. Improve your sales & marketing teams' performances.

Perfect and maintain your lien position with Monitoring

Springstreet's advanced monitoring capabilities will ensure that users can identify recent changes in a secured party's portfolio. Be notified of any amendments, renewals, or reassignments which may impact a stakeholders lien rights.


Learn more about how Springstreet can help

Shoot us an email and we're happy to dig into the details of your business to understand whether or not Springstreet is a fit for your business.